Thoughts on ebooks, writing, and my new business.

During these last 3 years, I have accelerated the rate of exploring new ideas and thoughts by writing, listening to audiobooks, and using TTS software to read aloud ebooks. However, during the first half of 2021, I have already finished 11 ebooks which is as far as I can remember a personal record.

I am aiming to discover more complicated concepts and ways of thinking with ebooks. This year is quite exceptional as I have rekindled the joy of fiction reading but at the same time, non-fiction remains the main type of books I listen to or read.

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More Freedom means more work and more riches

Working from home and also create my own business

The title sounds counter-intuitive, but if we get into details it will make much more sense. So bear with me, this is planned to be a quite lengthy post.

Intro: why I changed my main professional decision in 2020

In April 2017, I started learning web development, years later I specialized in WordPress, pushing some themes to GitHub. Those themes are for learning purposes. However, those projects enabled me to advance my skills in development.

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Health Check & Troubleshooting Walkthrough

Health-Check-Troubleshooting plugin

Site health

The old school approach to troubleshoot and find  WordPress issues is to disable all plugins then reactivate them one at a time until you find the culprit. It is also recommended to switch to the default theme. However, a plugin created by WordPress community that has been integrated with WordPress 5.2 will assist you to better diagnose the technical issue you are encountering.

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CSS Lessons After my First WP themes


I have learned to code a WordPress theme these last couple of months, however, as I browse the internet to read the job description for a WordPress developer I could tell that there is still work to be done to be a professional web developer. Meantime, sharing what I learn is worth it, even if it will appear to be basic for some. Writing, this tech-related post, which is a form of teaching, will solidify my knowledge and maybe one day it will useful to other developers.

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My recipe of personal and professional improvements to produce an upward spiral of success

Keep working & trying

I don’t want to waste my time learning new things that have no clear end goal in mind, my self-education is centred around personal and professional development. If well tuned-up they both interact to create an upward spiral of success.

My personal development relies on:

  • Being physically active
  • Eating healthy & fasting
  • Sleeping & waking up early and napping daily
  • Doing things I enjoy that aim towards long term goals
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