Health Check & Troubleshooting Walkthrough

Health-Check-Troubleshooting plugin

Site health

The old school approach to troubleshoot and find  WordPress issues is to disable all plugins then reactivate them one at a time until you find the culprit. It is also recommended to switch to the default theme. However, a plugin created by WordPress community that has been integrated with WordPress 5.2 will assist you to better diagnose the technical issue you are encountering.

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CSS Lessons After my First WP themes


I have learned to code a WordPress theme these last couple of months, however, as I browse the internet to read the job description for a WordPress developer I could tell that there is still work to be done to be a professional web developer. Meantime, sharing what I learn is worth it, even if it will appear to be basic for some. Writing, this tech-related post, which is a form of teaching, will solidify my knowledge and maybe one day it will useful to other developers.

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My recipe of personal and professional improvements to produce an upward spiral of success

Keep working & trying

I don’t want to waste my time learning new things that have no clear end goal in mind, my self-education is centred around personal and professional development. If well tuned-up they both interact to create an upward spiral of success.

My personal development relies on:

  • Being physically active
  • Eating healthy & fasting
  • Sleeping & waking up early and napping daily
  • Doing things I enjoy that aim towards long term goals
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The Fastest Way to Monetize my Coding Skills

Monetize Wordpress Skills

There are no doubts that I have always be drawn to technology. Since my early age, I enjoyed the company of computers and books to people. I am now in my thirties nothing seemed to change much. Even though, I have a degree in English I could not resist studying coding as a part-time activity as I am pouring around 20 hours a week to learn front-end technologies.

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Methods I used to learn front-end technologies

Studying front-end

I – Start with videos

When learning a new technology I think it is a good idea to start with some videos. I did so when studying HTML basic with Evato tuts. This put me on the right track and kickstarted my education. This full course is free on youtube. Videos will guide step-by-step and are easier to follow than books. I think that with video you will also need less energy to learn, this will motivate you to study more.

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