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I am Fakhri Azzouz a WordPress customizer and a freelance translator/writer from Tunisia (Time zone GMT+1 or Central European Standard Time).

I have occupied different positions in the language field mainly as an English language trainer and as a temporary university teacher.

Starting from 2014, to change for a more modern and productive lifestyle I decided to work from home for international clients as a freelance linguist.

This lifestyle has enabled me to have enough time for myself to move forward and work on personal and professional projects.

These projects are mainly:

  • Coding & diving into WordPress
  • Reading & writing
  • Swimming & fishing
  • Going for a walk by the sea
  • Evolving spiritually

My main career goal is to become a highly-skilled WordPress professional. In fact, as far as I can remember, I have always been in love with technology and computer.

For that reason, I am investing a considerable amount of time and energy to achieve that goal, and I am confident that I will do well in the tech industry whether as a writer or developer.

Contact me

I am open to freelance gigs related to the most popular CMS.

To maintain my lifestyle, I only work remotely.