Re-initiating computer science studies

Since my youth, I was obsessed with technology and computer science. I spend most of my money buying new gadgets and upgrading my PC. My curiosity pushed me to keep trying new software, reading about famous technologist and IT companies.

That was not enough, in my mid twenty, I tried to learn python and app dev in vain. My methodology for studying was not efficient enough as I used books exclusively to learn.

For the last four months, I kept learning HTML and CSS with success. I used various materials, video, books, interactive sites, articles….

I can see that I am progressing and I am on the right path.

Even though I plan a career shift from translation to computer science, I still think that translation is a demanding, often a complex job, and I found interest in it. Translation does not enable me to create as I don’t write the original text. However, coding empowers me to do so. I can create a website from the scratch as I desire. When I will expand my knowledge in programming I will have the power to create web apps, desktop app, and mobile apps too. For me, this is totally fantastic and worth it.

“We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it.”

-Travis Rice”

Translating my ideas and thoughts to algorithms and real solutions will test my abstract thinking. This in itself will improve my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

A better programmer means a better thinker.

Besides, I should not deny that computer science is a well-paid job, and job employment projection is growing fast. There are a lot of front-end and programming job vacancies comparing to translation jobs. We are surrounded by machines whose soul and mind is software. This Famous article’s title says it all: Software is Eating the World.

A rough search in Indeed for translation jobs gives the result of: 9700
For front-end, it is nearly: 90000

When narrow it down to:
Translation Arabic remote: 0
Front-end remote: 95

Future of computer science is promising and enjoyable. It offers remote and Visa-sponsored opportunities, plus bringing ideas to life through algorithm and programming. Programming will mirror my thoughts and ideas, then upgrade them.

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