Simple applicable blueprint to boost my income

I am rethinking my strategy as a linguist to reach more clients and increase my income. I am going to:

     1  – Subscribe again to international freelancing jobs.
     2  – At the local level aim direct clients, agencies, and businesses.

I – At the global level

I have subscribed again to job alerts of freelancing platforms such as ProZ. I receive daily job alerts that I need to check and often wait before I apply. In fact, as I have a free account on this platform, the priority is for paid members. That’s to say I need to wait hours before applying ( unlike paid members that can contact the client immediately).

Consequently, I have used a simple tool to remind me apply in due time to the selected jobs. The tool is Rainlendar, it is a free calendar that you can be always visible on your desktop to remind you of important events and to do tasks.


All I have to do is to
     –    check my email for the job alerts
     –    selected the ones that suit my skills
     –    create a to do task with an alarm set when these jobs become available

     – add the link of these jobs so that you visit the application link directly

This a simple but effective technique that will let you apply to appropriate gigs. Besides, you will not miss any.


II- At the local level

As I am a scientific translator and I have experience translating research papers I will be visiting universities and institutes, talk to administrators and give them my business card.

This is a bare minimum. If I want to level up my marketing endeavor I can print brochures. Brochures will explain in details all my skills and expertise.

I should not overlook the importance of email marketing as they practically free. I will create an email list of universities and I will email them with my offers.

If you have used other tactics to expand your freelance translation business feel free to write a comment.

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