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Translation - Localization - Transcription - Media monitoring - Proofreading - Subtitling


Employing advanced internet search capabilities, paying attention to details and using best CAT tools to guarantee the best quality.


Aware of the cultural nuances and subtleties and using latest tools and technologies. I also contribute to open-source localization.


I use specialized software such as Transcribe and professional headphones, to create accurate and precise transcription

Media monitoring

By employing the right tools, mastering scanning, and summarization techniques media monitoring becomes most effective


Examining your document in depth following punctuation, grammar, orthography, style guide and usages rules.


Precise translation, accurate time-coding with good descriptive skills ensure your subtitling project success.

Why hiring a freelance?

More flexible and money saving, a talented freelancer has a very specific set of skills. A freelancer is an entrepreneur and sometimes called a solopreneur. He shares the same values as business owners. As a result, a freelancer has better and deeper understanding of various project's aspects. Then, for a freelancer best interests he should over deliver and exceed the clients' expectations. This guarantees performing excellent jobs with swift delivery

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Your Linguist: Fakhri Azzouz
Your Linguist: Fakhri Azzouz

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