Thoughts on ebooks, writing, and my new business.

During these last 3 years, I have accelerated the rate of exploring new ideas and thoughts by writing, listening to audiobooks, and using TTS software to read aloud ebooks. However, during the first half of 2021, I have already finished 11 ebooks which is as far as I can remember a personal record.

I am aiming to discover more complicated concepts and ways of thinking with ebooks. This year is quite exceptional as I have rekindled the joy of fiction reading but at the same time, non-fiction remains the main type of books I listen to or read.

Why audio

I use TTS and listen to audiobooks to finish the ebooks faster, and this in general speeds up my learning. Listening to NPR radio, BBC Radio 4, and some podcasts is a productive habit that I cultivated before shifting from written books to audiobooks. The radio and podcast programs are more diverse and more lightweight than books, used for relaxation as it does not require much focus.

A major drawback when listening to ebooks is the lack of ease when writing notes and comments but when reading one can copy the text then revise, comment, and edit it later. However, when listening to a book I need to retype the whole text. This issue can be circumvented but using TTS software and avoiding audiobooks altogether. I use @Voice app on Android and Balabolka on PC as my TTS software.

Why non-fiction?

I am working to improve my coding and marketing skills as well just to name a few. This requires reading non-fiction ebooks supplemented with videos and actual practice. Non-fiction in the past helped me a lot by exploring ideas about system thinking, strategic thinking, philosophy, mental models, habits creation, eating healthy, etc. Being open to different ways of thinking, cultures, and communities is a way to go to turn to a more advanced version of myself, to renew and update my thoughts and lifestyle.

As for non-fiction, the teaching of Islam protected me from wasting time and energy on trivial and dangerous habits, such as alcohol, drugs, dishonesty…

Why fiction?

I started to read fiction again to build my language and storytelling chops. Fiction also can also pass certain ideas in a subtle manner. Besides, I am already tempted to write short stories to fuel my imagination and to have fun. As a linguist writing fiction and writing in general is an intelligent way to move up my career ladder.

Am I a professional student?

Yes, and no.

On the GoodReads site, many readers read annually 50 books or more. This year, I may be reading 25 books. It is not much if I am aiming high. However, to avoid being a professional student, it will be far better if I do more practice. One of my brothers, who is an engineer in Germany, told me that there they divide their work 1/4 theory 3/4 practice, I am doing the opposite which does not sound good.

I am writing more

Even though, I am subscribed to Elison Fallon weekly prompts and writing weekly this is not enough. That is why I also subscribed to Reedsy weekly writing prompts newsletter. This way, I am pushing myself to write more and to be part of a vibrant creative community.

These writing practice essays will be published to the public, thus I will build an image of a person who writes. Meantime, another great idea crossed my mind: writing articles about FOSS and WordPress. By writing about technology, I will acquire in-depth knowledge about computer science and at the same time, I will be seen as an authority in that field. I have no idea yet if those pieces are going to be highly technical or not but for sure, I’ll level up by writing.

There is no doubt that I have been interested in writing and CS for many years, as this blog shows. There is a long way to go to be highly competent in both of them. For that reason, I am adjusting my habits to reach my goal which is also a financial goal.

Writing can be a relaxing and thought-provoking experience, especially when using pen and paper. This is particularly true when writing and editing in a natural and calm environment, as seen in the picture below.

Practicing writing by the sea, enhancing focus and creativity. A simple and serene experience.

My new business

Concerning CS & WordPress, I am starting a new business to build websites using the most popular CMS. I have started small and growing big, I should not try to go fast, slowly and surely is better.
I have begun the journey by creating a WordPress theme based on tutorials that I modified later, I have worked on a clone too. Concerning writing, I have published 24 posts on this site/blog and planning to write more often on my website building business I will be using to showcase my content marketing skills related to FOSS & WP.

My site will be used to share my personal, and professional thoughts, maybe other surprises too, but that may take time.

Content marketing can be another service I offer on staminacode, I can experiment and see if it is a viable option.

Enough said for today, if you have something to say please leave comment below.

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